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Manuscript ‘de Sidera’ – On Teamship

de Sidera

‘de Sidera’, literally ‘on star systems’, is a book on teamship. It is a ‘language book’.

It aims to support teams to develop a common language on how to build a superior teamship.

It features some key themes:

“How do we know our teamship is working?”
This is done through 5 simple questions. Referring to 5 underlying working principles.

“What are the connections between quality leadship and quality teamship?”

“How to get going?  What to build first, second, last? What to hope for?”

Being a ‘connection’ book, it also introduces some simple semantics: Skill, Will, Drill, and Thrill ©
And it aims to inspire. For when your team will become a true thrill team, not only will it set new standards. Also joy will be your part.

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Manuscript ‘de Summa’ – On Leadship

foto boek summa 2

de Summa

de Summa is an exclusive companion book. A manuscript for your personal leadship ‘work-outs’. Featuring a high quality touch paper, a read ribbon, free zones for personal notes, and a discrete + resilient hard cover finishing.

The ‘de Summa’ is a very unusual book. It aims to create a bridge for the reader between academic reviews and real life experiences. The literature has been reviewed yet is not reiterated here. Life experiences have been taken into account yet are not narrated here. The bridge between both is to go to the essence: what is truly happening in the situation? What is at the heart of what is happening? Is there a way to master the ‘happening’ ?

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Developing your own virtual leadship & teamship ‘dojo’: other manuscripts by Zius

‘On Trust’

A 79 page manuscript on the appropriate use of trusting. Trusting versus Transacting. Trust, breaking it versus making it.

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‘On Motives’ 

What moves people to do certain work well and other work not?  The 4 main sources of individual motivation. 20 pages.

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‘On being burned out versus feeling fired up’.

A publication on the more structural aspects of maintaining a healthy long-term high-performance climate.
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‘On Change’

A manuscript on the major phases of change. And how to work your way through it.
Featuring the novel concept of ‘the three clocks’.



100% of profits generated by the manuscripts ‘de Summa’ & ‘de Sidera’ will be donated to KIVAKIVA is an organization to support people taking on leadship worldwide.