I am indebted to a number of persons who have helped me to bring these sharing endeavours to a great end.  

To Sarah Maria Brouwers, from the company ‘Organize & Conquer’ for developing the table and graphical illustrations for both the Summa and the Sidera, as well as organising the website.  Gratitude! ( )

To Manu Bollue, from the company ‘Flipchartman’ , for developing joyful cartoons for the Sidera, the teamship book. Thank you ! ( )

To the team of Antilope Printing Company, and more specifically Nancy Van Dijck, for guiding me in all that typically authors hate to be bothered with. ( )


Need it be said?
Many many people inspired me and shared their stories on leadship and teamship. Many friends stimulated me and encouraged me to keep up when others roles and responsibilities were pulling me away from persevering.
Grouped for both books, they are (alphabetically): Francis Arickx, Geert Bogaerts, Peter Bogaert, Kuo Wei Chan, Luc Debruyne, Lise De Valkeneer, Lode De Wulf, Anja Dockerwolcke, Alix Engalitcheff, Pascale Engelen, Marjorie Gobert, Peter Janssens, Ingrid Maes, Iris Musschoot, Leo Neels, Griet Nuytinck, Constantinus Politis, Dirk Van Poucke, Nathan Vastesaeger, Krisja Vermeylen, Cathy Weynants.

Each of them applies leadship and teamship in a marvellous way in their field of excellence. May they enjoy the fruits from the manuscripts and from our interactions in a multiple of the benefits I got from their help. Thank you.