Manuscript ‘de Sidera’ – On Teamship.

‘de Sidera’, literally ‘on star systems’, is a book on teamship. It is a ‘language book’.
It aims to support teams to develop a common language on how to build a superior teamship.

de Sidera

It features some key themes:

“How do we know our teamship is working?”
This is done through 5 simple questions. Referring to 5 underlying working principles.

“What are the connections between quality leadship and quality teamship?”

“How to get going?  What to build first, second, last? What to hope for?”

Being a ‘connection’ book, it also introduces some simple semantics: Skill, Will, Drill, and Thrill ©
And it aims to inspire. For when your team will become a true thrill team, not only will it set new standards. Also joy will be your part.

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Key features:

– Beautiful tissue cover, high quality paper, white indicator ribbon.
– A connection book, a ‘language’ book, something to share with all teamship members.
– Your own note pages for personal ideas to strengthen your leadship & teamship.
– A novel concept: ‘the Unique Winning Routines’.
– Simple, straight semantics: ‘Skill.Will.Drill.Thrill’ © .
– Ready-for-use, easy-to-memorise key quotes.
– 290 A5 pages

de Sidera interior cover                de Sidera table of content page 1  –  page 2











Sample pages gallery:

What is it? What not?

What it is?
The Sidera features a pragmatic approach to building superior teamship.  All too often, when building teams, most attention goes to the construct.  We propose to pay more attention to the quality of the interactions. The teamship.

What it is not?
The Sidera is not a book with a commercial aim. It is a manuscript. It aims to help readers/users and entire teams to discover+develop their own way.

It is not a collection of narratives, however inspiring, on great sport teams or sportsmen.  It is not a halleluiah that we all have to go off building teams.  Not even team buildings.  For it has to be a conscious decision to go for teamship.  Groups and working parties have very different dynamics. So, semantics matter because dynamics matter. Failing to go mindful about this will turn fun into frustration, resonance into dissonance.

de Sidera

de Sidera

How to make best use of it? 
It is best to NOT read the manuscript in one go.
Every section might trigger a thought, provoke an insight you were longing for in the context you are in now. Reading too many sections back-to-back will trigger too many thoughts and not help to clarify the situation you are in. Rather, like a ‘lonely planet guide’, use the vademecum as you journey along.
It truly matters to stop and go. E.g. by re-reading a specific section you read before. One that relates to the situation you are in now. And then to compare: in my situation, what exactly is going on here? What is happening when we strip the situation of all smoke and mirrors? The trigger to an insight might be hidden in a Sidera principle, but equally well in an illustration graphic, inside a working definition, or even in the plain text.
Then wonder: what would work for me? How would this work for me?
Sometimes, this trigger will allow you to make up your mind, take a decision and move to action. Sometimes not. Then pause and take up your companion-book at another time, when more intel or insight is available.

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