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Developing your own virtual leadship & teamship ‘dojo’: other manuscripts by Zius


‘On Trust’

A 79 page manuscript on the appropriate use of trusting. Trusting versus Transacting. Trust, breaking it versus making it.

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‘On Motives’ 

What moves people to do certain work well and other work not?  The 4 main sources of individual motivation. 20 pages.

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‘On being burned out versus feeling fired up’.

A publication on the more structural aspects of maintaining a healthy long-term high-performance climate.
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‘On Change’

A manuscript on the major phases of change. And how to work your way through it. Featuring the novel concept of ‘the three clocks’.
Tentative publication date: Q4/2018,



100% of profits generated by the manuscripts ‘de Summa’ & ‘de Sidera’ will be donated to KIVAKIVA is an organization to support people taking on leadship worldwide.