On Change

Enabling resource “On Change” (‘de Morphosis’ – Latin for significant change)

The resource “On Change” is there to help people and teams make sense out of change. And then turn it into progress.  It is a self-enabling resource on how to make change work. For you. And for the others.

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Key features:

– An easy to memorise set of words on what to do in each of the key phases of change: “ADDRESS. ADAPT. ADOPT. ANCHOR.”

– A graphic representation of how possible actions match possible phases: the original “Three Clocks” system ©. “The Three Clocks” is a system which makes it easier to memorize the phases in change, what happens in those phases, and what best to do in those phases.

– 11 tools that one can use when implementing change

– Many illustrations, self-reflection exercises and cases. Also memorable quotes and one-liners you can use in communication.





What is it? What not?

What it is?

Mostly the document focuses on what happens when change befalls you.  So, sudden or unexpected change.  Change you are not (fully) in control of.

What it is not?

– It is not an economic paper, nor a literature overview.

– It is also not a textbook on how to drive change. The document does not dwell on change activities such as vision setting, purpose, or driving cultural change. Nonetheless, all tools can be used whilst driving change, especially in the implementation phase,

How to make best use of it? 

– As a person: the better way is to first have a quick read of the entirety of the document. To get the jest of it. And to familiarise oneself with the jargon of the “Three Clocks”. Then to take the document again from the start and work your way through sections whilst doing some of most of the exercises.

– As a team: collaborating is easier when a group shares common mental pictures or common jargon. So buy a copy for each of your team members and then find your own most suited way for sharing insights and fro sharing to do’s.

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