On Energy

Enabling resource “On Energy – On feeling Fired Up vs being Burned Out”

The document “On Energy” is a resource to anticipate to ever greater demands on people.

Demands can be energising (‘stretch’) leading to people or teams feeling fired up.  Demands can also be de-energising (‘stress’) leading to people or teams feeling burned out.  The document tries to make sense out of a few things.

I formulate a working hypothesis that there can be a link with structuring things but also with the sense of identity for the group: the “What are we here for?”

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Key features:

– Energy curve: making a difference between a ‘peak point’ and a ‘break point’.

– Learning curve: making the difference between a point-of-learning) that succeeds for people (‘base-levels’ and a point-of-performance that succeeds (‘best levels’).

– Highlighting the importance of anticipation: prevent injuries before you have to ‘fix’ things.

– Many colour illustrations, anecdotes, graphs and self-sparring exercises. Also simplified jargon you can use in communication.


What is it? What not?

What it is?

– A resource to prevent some of your people or some of your teams to slip away into burn-outs or bore-outs

– A resource to support you seeking not just performance expansion but also learning expansion.

What it is not?

A document on the psychological or social aspects of burn-outs.

How to make best use of it? 

This one you might have to read a few times. Because the gains are in observing in detail what actually in going on in your teams. Observing and documenting where precisely energy levels are at par with ambition levels. And where not.

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