On Motivation

The document “On Motivation” is a resource to help you make sense out what motives drive other people. And probably also better understand yours.  It relates to motives = what moves people to do certain work well and other work not.  As such it has to do with motivation. Which is, indeed, part of good leadship and good teamship.

I make a postulation which is often perceived to be counter-intuitive if not wrong. I postulate that you cannot “motivate teams”.  My working hypothesis is: “One can inspire teams and one can motivate individuals.”

For one can inspire teams, companies and even entire nations. Because inspiration looks towards things that transcend. When it comes to motives we only have to look at our judicial system. The motives of the ‘culprits’ are often highly personal.

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Key features:

– A simple, easy to memorise, simplified set of possibilities. A set of words to understand how each person has her/his own mix of motives: AFFINITY. DREAM. NEED. GREED.

– Self-sparring exercises, colour illustrations.




What is it? What not?

What it is?

The resource focuses first on understanding the top 4 most common motives. And second: on the fact that what is at play is often a mix of motives. 

What it is not?

– This is not a psychology magazine or book. So it doesn’t detail psychology theories or organisational model theories.

– It is not about the motivational factors per se; rather about how they set people in motion to do certain things or to abstain from doing certain things.


How to make best use of it? 

Just read it. It will enhance your awareness for when your encounter a situation in which you wonder “Where did this come from…?”

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