On Responsibilities

Enabling resource “On Responsibilities”

The document “On Responsibilities & Accountabilities” is a resource enabling people to prevent the loss of effectiveness in teams due to misunderstandings on who was supposed to do what, and who had what freedom to operate on what.

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Key features:

– Clear working definitions. Grounded in practical experiences.

– Many pictures and illustrations


What is it? What not?

What it is?

– A resource to enable you to put certain difficult to talk about things on the table with your team.

– To help you allocate roles across your unit or department with more clarity.

– To become a more sophisticated delegator.

What it is not?

– A course on delegation (I have a separate course on that).

How to make best use of it? 

Read it. Then bring it to your group to work out what level of sophistication works best for your circumstances and for your goals.

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