On Trust

Enabling resource “On Trust” (‘de Fiducia’ –Latin for trust, confidence and reliability) 

The document “On Trust” is there to help people and teams make choices on when to work on the basis of trust and when to work transactionally. And when using trust how to turn it into speed and a higher level of progress.  It is a self-enabling resource on how to make trust work. For you. And for the others.

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Key features:

– Clarifying the two choices one always have: (1) working on a trust basis – which has to do with vulnerabilities and empowerment; and (2) working on a transactional bases – which has to do with mandating (either by giving direct instructions to others or by asking for direct instructions from others).

– This has to be done specifically per action topic or work domain.

– An easy to understand matrix to prepare your own choices on the back of an envelope

– Many illustrations, examples, self-reflection exercises and cases. Also memorable quotes and one-liners you can use in communication.




What is it? What not?

What it is?
 – This is really a resource to enable you to figure out your own levels of self-confidence, before you start reaching out to others. What do you want to be trusted for? What do you want to trust others on?

– Also a key resource to use before you want to grow into sophisticated levels of delegation.

What it is not?

– Not an academic review on the psychological or social aspects of trust and self-confidence.

– Not a magic formula: by the nature of it, self-confidence and trust are things to work on and enjoy on daily.

How to make best use of it? 

– Make a list of key work topics on which there are right now some conflicts, frictions or inertia.

– Add to each work piece or work stream the key persons involved.

– Then read the resource; and make a first back-of-the-envelope matrix.

– For those of you who like to work on the basis of trust most of the time: buy a copy for each of your direct reports. Share the insights, share the language. Than start growing to deeper levels of trust. And gain speed of operations in doing it.

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