Offline order process

The easiest & quickest way to buy these books is via the webshop.

In case your company policy does not allow online ordering, you can use the following process:

1. Download the order form or fill in the online form.
Be careful! The manuscripts ‘de Summa’ & ‘de Sidera’ are sold on a name-basis only; each copy is sequentially numbered and individually named; it is a true personal copy. There are only 300 copies.

2.  When using the downloadable form, send the form to
Please don’t forget the shipment address; unless if you want it to be handed over in person.

3. You will get an invoice via reply-mail.
You will get a countersigned copy of your order form, as well as the sequential number.
Attached to the same mail you will get an invoice.

4. Make the appropriate payment.

5. Upon receipt of the correct payment the book(s) will be shipped to you by courier or first class post within maximum 10 days, depending on the destination.