Donations so far

All profits are reinvested in micro-loans via KIVA.

Why have we chosen this route? Because Zius considers these micro-entrepreneurs to be individuals who really practice leadship-in-action.
They live, lead, and inspire.


In 2020 you helped support these entrepeneurs: 

–        Guatemala (thread and dye for clothing)

–        Myanmar (solar powered water pump)

–        Senegal (2 pairs of sheep)

–        Congo (solar power for off-grid houses)

–        Uganda (water harvest tank)

–        Kyrgystan (cattle)


In 2019 we made a difference in these peoples lives for a total of $945!  

–        Palestine (building a greenhouse)

–        Cambodia (growing corn business)

–        Cambodia (growing silk skirt business)

–        Kyrgystan (buying bull calves; growing live stock sales)

–        Rwanda (growing canteen business at the local market)

–        Uganda (growing maize milling business)

–        Cambodia (buying a hydro tiller to go to the market)

–        Palestine (buying a sewing machine)

–        Tajikistan (growing a fast food business)


The projects supported so far (2018) are:

–        Pakistan (growing a clothing business)

–        Kenia (buying seeds and fertilizer)

–        Paraguay (purchasing natural medicine)

–        Phillipines (growing rice and vegetable farm)

–        Kyrgystan (buying cows; growing organic milk sales)

–        Guatemala (buying seedlings)

–        Kenya (buying seeds and solar lanterns)

–        Uganda (water tank for school)

–        Paraguay (purchase of machine for weaving)

–        Burkina Faso (buying crops)

–        Vietnam (purchasing 3 young calves for raising)

–        Kenya (buying seeds)

–        Guatemala ( purchasing materials for producing clothes)

–        Myamar (2x): purchasing duckling for raising and later selling

–        Yola, Bolivia (purchasing a cow)

–        Bolormaa, Mongolia (purchasing a truck)

–        Gulnoza, Kyrgystan  (seeds and fertilisers)

–        Oun’s group, Cambodja (fertiliser and seeds)

–        Las Palomas group, Nicaragua (dairy products)

–        Jameleh, Palestine (fertiliser and plowing)

–        Kimsy’s Group, Cambodja (buying cassave seeds)

–        Benkan Group, Mali (buying sheep)

–         Saltanat, Kyrgyzstan (buying cows & sheep)

–         Nhom 06 Group, Vietnam, (buying baby poultry to raise)

–         Inka Moss, Peru (cultivation of shagnum moss)


Leadship aims to make a difference. By acquiring (and using:-) ) the Summa & the Sidera you are making a difference.

Get your own here.