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de Sidera – a resource on Teamship – book


‘de Sidera’, literally ‘on star systems’, is a book on teamship. It is a ‘language book’. It aims to support teams to develop a common language on how to build a superior teamship.

It features some key themes:

How do we know our teamship is working?  This is done through 5 simple questions. Referring to 5 underlying working principles.

What are the connections between quality leadship and quality teamship?

How to get going?  What to build first, second, last? What to hope for?

Being a ‘connection’ book, it also introduces some simple semantics: Skill, Will, Drill, and Thrill ©

And it aims to inspire. For when your team will become a true thrill team, not only will it set new standards. Also joy will be your part.


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Product Description

Key features:
– Beautiful tissue cover, high quality paper. White indicator ribbon.
– A connection book, a ‘language’ book, something to share with all teamship members.
– Your own note pages for personal ideas to strengthen your leadship & teamship.
– A novel concept: ‘the Unique Winning Routines’.
– Simple, straight semantics: ‘Skill.Will.Drill.Thrill’ © .
– Ready-for-use, easy-to-memorise key quotes.
– 290 A5 pages

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