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On “Being Burned Out versus Feeling Fired Up” – digital resource


This publication relates to the very hot topic that is usually called ‘burn out’.  However, this paper looks at the phenomenon from the Organisational perspective.  So not from the individual perspective.

Are there structural, cultural, organisational or operational practices that are more prone to members or teams gliding from having the fire in the belly to feeling lost, empty or wasted?

As always the intent is to help persons in leadship or teamship roles with their self-reflection. Questions reflected on are:
–        Are you firing up your best people? Or are you burning them out?
–        Is your team firing you up? Or are they burning you out?
–        What of all this seems person-specific? What of all this seems organisation-specific?


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Product Description

  • Many colour illustrations, anecdotes, graphs and self-sparring exercises.
  • Instant pdf download
  • 42 pages


In the book “On Teamship” there are also sections relating to this: one on bringing the best of each team member forward; and one on “Thrills”. Thrills is what happens when the energy of the team spills over to customers, contractors, citizens.

Energy levels can also have to do with what motivates an individual. See the resource ‘On Motivation”.