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On Trust – digital resource


The document “On Trust” is there to help people and teams make choices on when to work on the basis of trust and when to work transactionally. And when using trust how to turn it into speed and a higher level of progress.  It is a self-enabling resource on how to make trust work. For you. And for the others.

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Product Description

  • Many illustrations, examples, self-reflection exercises and cases.
  • Memorable quotes and one-liners you can use in communication.
  • Instant pdf download
  • 51 pages


Building trust has a lot to do with the quality of the leading. Buy and read also the book “On Leadship”. Espec. the section on Clarity & Transparency.

Building trust also has a lot to do with the quality of the team dynamics. Buy and read also the book “On Teamship”. Espec. the section on the 5 questions that every top team is able to answer fluently

Building trust also has to do with clear roles and responsibilities. See the resources “On Responsibilities & Accountabilities”