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On Trust



A 79 page manuscript on the appropriate use of trusting.

In this paper we want to help persons in leadship positions or activities with their self-reflection. Questions reflected on are:

1) Trust. If you can break it, does it mean you can make it?
2) Is it something you give? Something you get? Something you earn? Something you share? Or what?
3) Does it come from the ‘self’ or does it come from ‘the other’?
4) If it can be made/build, how to go about it?
5) If it can be lost/broken, can it be regained/restored


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Product Description

These aspects on trust will be looked into in 4 ‘application’ sections.

part I: getting started: making a choice (page 11- 20)
part II: building it, building on it (pages 21 – 30)
part III: managing & maintaining (pages 31 – 39)
part IV: rescuing & restoring (pages 40 – 54)

For the basic i.e. more universal/timeless principles we refer to the book ‘de Summa’.

This pdf document has been formatted to allow you to print it out as a booklet.  The individual pages are A5 size. Depending on your printer, please select the appropriate settings. E.g. “2 pages per sheet”. Enjoy!


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