Zius: about the author

A.G. Zius is an imaginary person.

He is fascinated by the similarities across civilisations and cultures.

Due to his own life journey in action, management, leadship and governance, he is mostly interested in what thinkers and wise men have to say about leadship and teamship. And what of this can be used forward. The best of East and West, the best of Past and Next.

In the spirit of ancient masters in Greece, Rome, Japan, China and so many other cultures, the path of self-realisation is yours, not theirs. Writings and teachings are merely there as a source for others to access. As an coincidental encounter on a path.  Manuscripts as a virtual companion on your road to yourself.

Which is why Zius likes to use concise, even cryptic statements.  For they provoke further thinking by the reader-user on his-her context.

Which is why Zius likes to use mnemonic artwork.  For images will anchor memory easier than words. To help you, the reader-user. All artwork is authentic and self-created by Zius.

Which is why Zius is interested in your insights and experiences. For they and they only are the spices of any publication dish that an author might serve. They are the seeds of any future fruitful publication.

Together they build the dream of having more and more people who feel self-explored, capable of sharing, and happy.

For, as the mantra on top of this website says, the best of ourselves is what happens in others.  Enjoy!



Zius aka Geri G. Brouwers

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